How to raise women’s libido back

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What to do if you feel that your sexual inclination decreased.

Female sexual desire or libido serves for maintenance of a sort and strengthening of emotional connection with the partner, is a bright indicator of a condition of an organism and sincere health. As soon as it decreases, that is the head in a bed begins to hurt more often and in general don’t want sex, it is necessary to think in what the reason and as to correct a situation. So, if at the person temperature increases, sexual function at him is turned off.

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Why at women the libido decreases

Libido – unit changeable. Depending on external factors and specific features of the woman it can increase, and can decrease.

    Sometimes increase happens in the period of an ovulation, on vacation at a good emotional spirit, and decrease – because of overfatigue or long abstention.

Sexual desire decreases at many pregnant women and the feeding women, women taking a contraceptive pill.

Pay attention! If your partner wishes intimate proximity more often than you, it not necessarily speaks about your reduced libido. Probably, you have with it just different sexual temperaments, the sexual constitution. Within 5 years of regular sex life at couple the so-called conditional physiological rhythm is established: at a harmonious relationship of need of partners are leveled. The regularity and duration of sex life become conditional norm for both, bringing them pleasure.

And here when in a bed everything sharply became bad (or it was bad always, up to disgust for sexual intercourse), so there were problems requiring the solution.

They can be two types:

  1. Psychological – complexes, a low self-assessment, psychological injuries, negative impact on female mentality of stresses, a depression,
  2. Physical – diseases and pathologies of urinogenital, cardiovascular systems, serious system a disease (diabetes, the oncology asymptomatically flowing till a certain moment), the violations of a hormonal background caused including excessively intensive sports.

Quite often also the combination of the listed problems meets.

If it brings discomfort or pulls down a relationship with the man, it is necessary to raise the libido. Further we will consider how to make it.

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Ways of increase in a female libido

For a start the woman needs to analyze when the libido and why decreased.

Then the campaign to the doctor follows. Depending on the reason of a condition of the woman it can be both the sexologist, and the family doctor. Together with the last the woman has to exclude

  • diseases of a neuroendocrine system,
  • pathologies of urinogenital ways,
  • problems with bones and joints of a basin,
  • oncology.

The sexologist is the expert who is engaged:

  • the solution of psychological problems in relationship of floors,
  • treatment of the diseases of the sexual sphere connected with disorders of various genesis,
  • correction of sexual behavior and sex education.

On reception of the sexologist the psychological problems, fears, clips interfering desire and preventing receiving pleasure from sexual experience come to light, the reasons of their emergence are analyzed, the strategy of correction of a situation is chosen.

So, strict Puritan education of the woman in the course of which sexual intercourse was condemned any manifestations of interest in this subject were suppressed, can lead to the fact that she will never feel attractions, will not be able to feel sexual, will not have the moral right for intimacy.

Also, from parents such patterns (templates, forms) at which sex is something dirty and shameful, what there is a wish can be transferred to it, but it is impossible to be engaged as it will cause discomfort in people around. That is the strategy of its sexual manifestation is already programmed in parental family and joins from time to time. Even if there will be any desire, it will not be able to find a way out because of existence of similar unconscious limiters. In the specified cases at the specialist sexologist not to do without therapy.

If it is not in your city, then visit of the psychologist and psychotherapist will become an alternative. However, many sexologists render the psychotherapeutic help online.

Pay attention! Visit of the doctor, joint with the partner, will allow to reach bigger effect.

How to keep a libido

If the libido as it should be also wanting to be kept his that as long as possible, it is necessary for the woman:

  • watch over the health;
  • get enough sleep and to eat properly;
  • refuse smoking or to minimize nicotine consumption;
  • reduce amount of the consumed alcohol and influence of a stress.

Also, you should not be afraid to admit to the partner that you feel discomfort when lovemaking. For certain you will find with it a way out.

If you never felt attractions or a libido significantly fell that guards you, frightens or what the quality of your partnership suffers from, it is necessary to address immediately the sexologist and the family doctor for examination and elimination of the possible reasons, both psychological, and physiological.